The Jets drops strict opinions on weak performing defenders 

The Jets drops strict opinions on weak performing defenders

It’s hard to keep track of the New York Jets’ offense. There’s no real reason to think things will get any easier tonight against the Chiefs.

The easiest person to blame is quarterback Zach Wilson, and he’s the one responsible. In two weeks, Wilson went from being the guy who could get that job after Aaron Rodgers retired to being Public Enemy No. 2.

Blocking, or lack thereof, is part of the problem. Really, if Aaron Rodgers hadn’t been lost this year to injury when a defender crossed the line and hit him, would Rodgers have avoided injury in either of the last two games?

The real problem, as a source with knowledge of the situation recently explained to PFT, is that defenses are loading the box — and the Jets can’t get them to stop doing it.

If Rodgers plays, the defense will likely use multiple cover 2s. This will make it easier to run the ball. With Wilson, teams eliminate running lanes for Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook, and challenge Wilson to take advantage of the imbalance. So far he has not been able to do that. The key to retaining Trevor Siemian will be for Wilson to quickly show he can do something/anything to unlock the running lanes, which will make it easier for Hall and Cook. This would then make it easier for Wilson because the defense would have to respect both sides of the offense.

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