Hamilton `excited’ for Mercedes battle with Ferrari

Hamilton is ‘excited’ because of the Mercedes-Ferrari battle

Lewis Hamilton says he is excited about the battle for second place in the constructors’ championship between Mercedes and Ferrari.

Silver Arrows overcame their rivals after the Suzuka race, after failing to mount a credible challenge to reigning world champions Red Bull in 2023.

Hamilton and teammate George Russell nearly won in Singapore when a late pit stop gave them a tire advantage over Carlos Sainz. The Ferrari driver fought off the threat to claim his only non-Red Bull victory to date.

But after Mercedes finished well at Suzuka, the team now has a 20-point lead at 305 to Ferrari’s 285. Hamilton:
It’s interesting that we have this battle

Hamilton was motivated to achieve a good result for Mercedes as he discussed his team battle with the media, including RacingNews365:
“It’s exciting to have this race, this battle right now.

“Like them [Ferrari], we started the season quite badly.

“I certainly didn’t expect us to be second among the constructors and now we’re relatively close, especially in the last two races, and we’re fighting in the constructors build.

“It’s exciting for us as a team. And of course, we want to beat them just as much as they want to beat us, so it’s definitely going to require a team effort.”

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