Green Bay Packers: Justin Fields Winless Against Packers After Claiming the NFL was “Slow to him”

Green Bay Packing House:
Justin Fields didn’t win against the Packers after claiming the NFL ‘slowed him down’

The Green Bay Packers division rival, the Chicago Bears, have made the decision to select Justin Fields with the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Although the speedy Ohio State quarterback has huge upside potential, it was unsuccessful… at all. Fields has shown a lot of promise with his running game, but his arm isn’t good enough to be elite in the NFL. More importantly, he’s not good enough to win games, even when he has talent around him.

Justin Fields has yet to beat the Green Bay Packers in his third NFL season

Since being drafted in 2021, Fields has yet to beat the Packers. Having played once this season, the Bears fell to 0-5 against the Packers in the Fields era. To make matters worse for Fields, all of these losses occurred after a questionable quote from Fields. On August 14, after his preseason debut, Fields asserted the NFL was “pretty slow” on him.

Since that statement, the Packers have outscored the Bears 162-93, including a 38-20 win this season. Aaron Rodgers even thanked Jordan Love for continuing to own the Bears. Even though it’s just a joke, it’s completely true. The Packers are 23-4 against the Bears since 2010. That’s about one win every four seasons for the Bears, which isn’t ideal for Chicago.

Based on these statistics, it’s pretty clear that the Bears have a history of terrible quarterbacks. After last season, many thought that wouldn’t happen for Fields. Unfortunately, through three games, Fields has been just that. Entering Week 4, Fields had more interceptions than touchdown passes. Even worse for Fields, he has the 34th best quarterback rating this season. There are only 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

If Fields continues to play this poorly, he will almost certainly be replaced in this year’s draft. Chicago could even try to acquire USC’s Caleb Williams, the No. 1 ranked college quarterback. After starting 0-3, giving Williams a boost might be their best option. They already have some offensive talent, so adding a young quarterback who displays some of the most incredible talent we’ve seen in college football history could make this the A formidable team. This may seem lame for the Packers, but their record against Chicago proves they can beat them no matter who throws the ball.

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