Aston Martin puts a £53,000,000 hole in Lawrence Stroll’s pocket after posting losing results for the 2022 F1 season

Aston Martin puts a £53,000,000 hole in Lawrence Stroll’s pocket after posting losing results for the 2022 F1 season

Aston Martin is said to have lost a significant £53 million in the 2022 season, nearly £9 million more than the 2021 season.

The team owned by Lawrence Stroll finished seventh in the constructors’ standings last season, which appears to have affected their finances.

Despite the big sponsorship deals, AMR GP, which controls Aston Martin, still faces a loss of £52,915,000 in 2022 after all costs are taken into account. This figure is £43,332,000 in 2021 (according to Autosport), showing a huge difference.

This could be due to various expenses, but it could also be due to the team’s disappointing performance in the first season under the new regulations. The figures also reflect the expansion of the team with the addition of more than 100 people in the works. The previous workforce of 401 has grown to 504 by 2022.

But admittedly this has clearly helped them develop a competitive car and they are now one of the top four teams this season.

Aston Martin team principal admits the team has not done enough in 2023

Aston Martin’s performance has declined compared to the beginning of the season. Fernando Alonso, who praised the car after finishing third in Bahrain, mentioned that the car was not drivable in one of the recent races. His comments suggest the group has been facing developmental issues.

Initially, they seemed to be Red Bull’s only real competition. However, that position was usurped by Ferrari and Mercedes as they battled for second place. Even McLaren seems to be getting closer to Aston Martin with each race.

When team principal Mike Krack was asked about this recently, he mentioned that they haven’t done enough to stay competitive in the face of challenges. The Mirror quoted him as saying:

“You see, some competitors have really made great progress, others not so much, and it seems pretty simple. We’re not doing enough.”

He added that they still have room to grow and he’s not worried much about competition:

“Others have closed the gap [with Red Bull], especially as the gap has become significantly larger. We certainly want to get more performance out of our improvements, but there’s still a Some things haven’t happened yet, so I’m confident we can fill it.” a little farther.”

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