Deion Sanders proud despite Buffaloes’ loss: “You’d be a hater if you didn’t see what was coming.”

Deion Sanders proud despite Buffaloes’ loss:
“You’d be a hater if you didn’t see what was coming.”

Coach Deion Sanders almost turned the situation around and walked away with his head held high despite losing to USC.

Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders showcased his unique talent for achieving success through experimental methods on Saturday against the USC Trojans. Even though they lost, Coach Prime saw his team being crushed at halftime and he was not interested in bringing rookies and underdogs onto the field. After all, this is just Deion Sanders’ first season as head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes football program. We saw Jimmy Horn return from a terrible game transformed by a motivational talk from Coach Prime. But Sanders still has a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve for this game against the Trojans. The loss the players suffered against Oregon is something they want to show off to the audience as soon as possible.

Enter rookies Omarion Miller and Cormani McClain

While motivational speaker may have been a bad decision, Sanders proved that he could experiment on the fly and that his decisions actually worked. If Travis Hunter couldn’t play, Sanders had to make those adjustments in the second half of a 34-14 temporary loss. Quarterback Shedeur Sanders found a new ally in Omarion Miller with an impressive interception that brought the Buffaloes closer to the Trojans with the fourth quarter still to play. On defense, Cormani McClain passed the Trojans’ line in the second half of the game. He prevented what would have been the final nail in the Buffaloes’ coffin in the third quarter with a stellar defensive play in the end zone.

Deion Sanders’ post-game press conference warning to the haters

After everything we saw in the Buffaloes’ exciting second half, everyone wanted to hear Coach Prime talk to the press. Losing by a touchdown to a team that looked defeated late in the second half was exactly the type of reaction Sanders expected from his players. As expected, Coach Prime remains confident that his football program will break the ice and he has invited the haters to his side. Here’s what he said:
“If you don’t see what’s going to happen with CU football then you’re out of your mind. You’re only a hater if you can’t see what’s going on and what’s going to happen…There’s something wrong with you.”

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