On “Undisputed,” Deion Sanders and Skip Bayless Share a surprising heartfelt moment.

On “Undisputed,” Deion Sanders and Skip Bayless Share a surprising heartfelt moment.

Prior to the Buffaloes’ crucial Saturday afternoon matchup against the No. 1 visiting team, FS1’s Undisputed was broadcast live from the University of Colorado campus.
In Boulder, 8 USC.

Naturally, Colorado coach Deion Sanders joined the program, which also included NFL analyst Michael Irvin and USC alumnus Keyshawn Johnson.

Sanders gave a heartfelt speech in which he thanked Bayless for all that he had done to help the Black community succeed on the national stage.


At the conclusion of his speech, Sanders said, “Thank you, man.
“Because you take a lot of heat, but you’ve given a lot of us opportunities that people will overlook because they don’t comprehend them or recognize them.
Despite the fact that none of us are perfect, you have provided us with so many opportunities, and I appreciate you for that, boss—you all know exactly what I’m talking about.

Before the show’s commercial break, Sanders and Bayless exchanged hugs while Bayless thanked Sanders for his kind words.


Although Sanders and Bayless didn’t share a particularly touching moment during Friday’s Undisputed, it is obvious that the Colorado coach greatly values the FS1 host despite possible backlash from the sports community.

The Trojans (4-0) and Buffaloes (3-1) will face off at noon ET on Saturday on Fox from Folsom Field.


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