During the Deion Sanders craze, Colorado fans line up to purchase $34 cowboy outfits.

During the Deion Sanders craze, Colorado fans line up to purchase $34 cowboy outfits.


There was a long line of Colorado Buffaloes supporters waiting to purchase one of Sanders’ recognizable cowboy hats.


FILE – lt;HIT gt;Deion lt;/HIT gt; Sanders speaks after being introduced as the new head football coach at the University of Colorado during a news conference on Sunday, Dec.
2022 in Boulder, Colorado. Floyd Keith has waited fifty years for a Black coach with Deion Sanders’ swagger and success to revolutionize college football.


Fans of the Colorado Buffaloes have rushed to purchase a cowboy hat that Deion Sanders popularized.


Due to the team’s success on the field, fans are literally buying into the hype that the former NFL and MLB player frequently appears wearing Old West hats while out and about.


Fans were waiting in line 45 minutes before the store opened to buy the clothing, which cost one cent less than $35.


Since I’ve been here, there haven’t been people waiting to enter our store 45 minutes early, according to one employee.
“Look at this, people from all over are flocking to Boulder to partake in the Deion craze.


“We just started selling these this morning, and by Saturday morning, I expect we’ll be out of stock.
It only benefits us that college football fans now come to visit us.


Sanders has given Boulder a boost that extends beyond the fashion industry; marijuana shops have reported a 35 percent increase in sales as football fans satisfy their football compulsion.


Football player Sanders is successful.


The Buffaloes have so far dominated college football, winning their first three games before being thrashed by the Oregon Ducks.


Their games consistently prove to be blockbuster entertainment as they have scored 130 points in their first four games and have given up 133.


Additionally, they triumphed against the Colorado State Rams in a tense intrastate match, winning 43-35 but only by eight points.


On Saturday, September 30, they will play the USC Trojans with the goal of maintaining their unbeaten home record while currently holding the sixth-place ranking in their division.


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