Max Verstappen’s dominance began to hurt F1 as the sport’s social media reported a decline: Report

Max Verstappen’s dominance began to hurt F1 as the sport’s social media reported a decline:

There is no doubt that Max Verstappen is in the most dominant era of his Formula 1 career. The two-time world champion is on track to win his third title in the upcoming races.

Amid Red Bull’s dominance, Formula 1 has seen a sharp decline in social media mentions and new followers, according to a recent study by Buzz Radar.

Buzz Radar’s analysis in a recently published case study titled “Have we reached peak F1? » reports that the popularity of the 2022 F1 season has increased due to the exciting title battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the 2021 season and new car regulations. But recently numbers have dropped since Red Bull dominated the sport. The report states:

“Comparing data between 2022 and 2023 shows a significant decline in total mentions of F1, as well as dismal figures for new follower growth from popular accounts.”

He continued:

“2023 social data also provides insight into the fundamental shift in F1 conversations:
a notable increase in the use of negative sports-related adjectives.

The report also said the use of the words “boring” and “annoying” has increased relatively. According to analysis by Buzz Radar, the cause of this decline is simply one team’s dominance, with Red Bull and Max Verstappen winning all but two races last year. The last time there was such a decline was in 2018, when Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes were dominating the sport.

Max Verstappen can win his third world championship title in Qatar

After winning the Japanese Grand Prix, Max Verstappen increased the gap with teammate Sergio Perez, currently ranked second in the Drivers’ Championship standings with 177 points.

Verstappen needs just three more points to win his third world championship, which can be achieved by winning the sprint race at the Lusail International Circuit in Qatar. If Verstappen finishes sixth or better in Saturday’s sprint race, he will become the first driver to win the title in a sprint race. Even if Verstappen doesn’t score points in the sprint race, he only needs 3 points to win the championship on race day.

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