Lewis Hamilton plans to use Mercedes ‘masterpiece’ to return to the F1 title

Lewis Hamilton plans to use Mercedes ‘masterpiece’ to return to the F1 title

After a second straight season in which Mercedes failed to win the championship, Hamilton is looking at what 2024 might hold for him.

Lewis Hamilton hopes for more from his 2024 car

Lewis Hamilton hopes his Mercedes team can salvage parts from its faulty W14 car this season to create a machine that can put him back into Formula 1 title contention.

Championship hopes are no longer great for the seven-time champion in the past two seasons. Even after a dismal 2022 season, by Mercedes’ high standards the team has chosen to stick with its bold ‘zeropod’ concept, adamant that there is a way to unleash its true potential.

But the start of this operation finally helped Toto Wolff and his deputies realize that it was a failure. But by the time a more conventional aerodynamic design hit the market in Monaco, it was too late. Hamilton’s winning drought has lasted nearly two years now. It’s a fruitless run that he will want to end at the first opportunity, but it remains to be seen whether the 2024 season offers him clearer opportunities to do so. .

Although the W14 does not give him the opportunity to challenge for race wins and titles, Hamilton believes it can contribute to what he hopes will be a more competitive car next year. “Of course, we will never throw this car in the trash,” he told journalists. These cars are still true masterpieces, even if they are not the fastest cars in the world.” “Two thousand people worked very hard to build these things and they will continue to be a part of our history and our learning. There will be elements that we try to change, try to Try to keep some positive aspects because there are always those elements.” positive, good and bad, and so we try to keep things positive.

“With the new management we have, it’s too early to be optimistic about next year’s car because we’re just getting started with it. But I have full confidence in the team that they will move in this direction. He did disappear.

“There’s been a lot learned over the last few years, so if we don’t figure it out next year, obviously we’ll continue to work on it. But I hope that is the case.”

However, Hamilton is fully aware that the task his team faces in competing with Red Bull next year is huge. The Briton has admitted that his team will need to make an unprecedented leap in performance if he is to seriously challenge Max Verstappen in 2024.

He say:
“I think all the arguments that George [Russell] and I made have been fully heard. I don’t know where the car will be next year, but we’re very, very far away. All of the next six months are has to be the best six months of development we’ve ever had to close that gap, to really knock on the door.”

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  1. I am looking forward to 2024 year racing, and pray that the car will be up to standard, so Lewis can get to Top again. Good luck to all of you. GOD BLESS.

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