I want to run there before I retire”: Lewis Hamilton ‘pushing hard’ for African Grand Prix

“I want to run there before I retire”:
Lewis Hamilton ‘pushing hard’ for African Grand Prix

Seven-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton wants Formula 1 to return to Africa in the near future as he hopes to race there before hanging up his racing boots.

F1 ships visit every continent in the world on a seasonal schedule, except Africa. The World Championship was last held there in 1993, when the famous Kyalami circuit hosted the South African Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton is actively campaigning for the South African GP to return to the season schedule. He believes that a Grand Prix would boost the local economy while also bringing local culture into the global spotlight. “I want to race in Africa,” he said in an interview with GQ Sports.

“We’re on every other continent. When you hold a Grand Prix in one place, it attracts a lot of attention and a lot of visitors, which is good for the economy and educate people. When we travel, we have the opportunity to truly engage the community and leave a lasting legacy. It shouldn’t just be about showing up, performing and then leaving.

Lewis Hamilton suggested Johannesburg and Cape Town as two suitable locations to hold the GP. “Last year I went there and traveled. I put in a lot of effort, kept calling and saying, ‘Where are we with this Grand Prix?’ before retiring. I ran everywhere else. South Africa, like Johannesburg, would be great. Cape Town can be amazing,” he said. F1 organizers have recently been eyeing a race in Africa, with the Kyalami circuit being approached to host the race. CEO and President Stefano Domenicali has held meetings with circuit officials and stakeholders to revive the track.

The South African Grand Prix was scheduled to return in 2024 but has been delayed due to the host country’s political relationship with Russia. As a result, the Belgian GP has been set for 2024, while Kyalami’s return is uncertain in 2025.

Lewis Hamilton wants Mercedes to compete with McLaren’s rapidly growing program

McLaren have been making headlines this season, with mid-season improvements putting them in the lead as Red Bull’s closest competitors. Lewis Hamilton wants Mercedes to compete just as he believes following McLaren’s philosophy is the right path for the 2024 season.

“The evidence is there at McLaren and we cannot turn a blind eye to it,” he told Sky F1. “We need to look at what they have done and move in that direction. This is a direction that needs to be taken, but I truly believe that our team can do it.

“We’ve always been good at applying downforce, it’s just the way our car behaves now, adding downforce doesn’t work – it just bounces more. Hopefully with a change in philosophy, we will return to the rightful position that this team deserves because this is a world champion team.

Lewis Hamilton wants the team back at Brackley to do their best as the development battle rages on over the winter.

“The next six months should be the best six months of growth we have ever had to close this gap. Really knocking on the door.

Mercedes is currently third in the drivers’ standings with Lewis Hamilton while McLaren is seventh with Lando Norris.

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