Deion Sanders defends Sean Payton of the Broncos after a 50-point

Deion Sanders defends Sean Payton of the Broncos after a 50-point loss

Following Denver’s historic 50-point loss to Miami last Sunday, Broncos coach Sean Payton became the butt of jokes and deserved criticism due to his team’s poor performance in three first match. team coach.

Payton is a Super Bowl champion and a proven winner as an NFL coach. Colorado coach Deion Sanders, who was an analyst for NFL Network before transitioning to college coaching, came to his friend’s defense earlier this week.

When a reporter asked Sanders about the personnel decisions for the Buffaloes in the second half of the Oregon game during one game, he insinuated that it was similar to what Payton faced Sunday at the NFL level . Sanders wasn’t having it. “Hey, leave my guy alone. Leave my man alone,” Sanders said of Payton. “I love the Broncos. I love their coach and Sean Payton is my man. He will succeed, I promise you. I believe in Sean Payton.

Sanders attended a game in Denver earlier this year, sitting in a luxury suite with his sons while attending the Broncos’ early-season game. Sanders knows what it’s like to face criticism as a coach and knows what Payton is facing after the Broncos’ poor performance last weekend. He quickly rushed to Payton’s defense, clearly showing a sign of support for his NFL counterpart in the face of adversity.

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